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Kitty & Fish Cam! Take a peek into the lives of our 5 cats and my many many fish tanks! | look now |

Big Trip to India!  Just a few snapshots and videos | look now |

My Photo Gallery!  Cars, cats and more! | look now |

Welcome to Sandeeland ... home
of the ultimately self-absorbed!

It's all about me. This is really becoming my home-away-from-home ... sorta corny, but when I visit Sandeeland, I feel like I'm visiting "home".

Well, it's now all about me AND my fish!  And the cats and the cars, etc.  :)  Welcome!

Click around, you might find the "Trips" section fun to watch - used a little slideshow app to create ... slideshows. I've also updated my Animal Friends section, and please don't leave without reviewing my list of cars!  Past and present! 

Lots o' pictures!

I've got tons of pictures!  Someday I hope to post vacation pictures from around the world - Morocco, castles in Germany and even my first trip to Florida.  Family pictures are always fun too. Below - from left to right:  Center of town, Dürnholz Czechoslovakia, where my mother grew up (more pix from their site - beautiful shots during the winter); My mom, sister and I; My dad when he was in the air force and my dad and I when I was about 8 years old.  More random pictures here ... globe


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