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I once called Sandeeland, the "home of the ultimately self-absorbed" ... that's a bit harsh. Just think of it as a really big About Me page! Welcome!

This is Sandeeland v2 ... still updating the site - more pix and videos on the way!

Mouse over each photo for a description of each ...


I've been into genealogy lately, and I thought Sandeeland would be an appropriate space to point my new cousins ... if only to get a quick hint at all-that-is-Sandee.

... my Maciejewski, Gross, Sogl relatives!  

My Cars

I talk a lot about my cars, past and present. Here's a "close to chronological" list of those I've had. Read about my restoration project: '83 Le Car! :)

Admittedly, I'm a Euro-snob ... but they're just so nice! It's ok, my first car was American.

My Fish

In the spirit of "you can't just have one - that's what it's like with fish (whew, only have 1 lobster)! I have pictures, videos and even a link to FishCam - a live view into a few of my tanks ... lights on at noon ET.

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